In a nutshell...

Through Françoise, I chose to express my fascination for watchmaking and my love for art. These passions have guided me for the past ten years. After studying in Art History, I joined some of the best French luxury houses, such as Van Cleef & Arpels and Chaumet, to refine my expertise and my taste for beauty. Passionate to share my own vision of luxury watchmaking, I founded Françoise - Paris.


The reference to Paris is anything but superficial: I am deeply attached to the city I grew up in, to its traditions, to its beauty and sophistication. With Françoise, I envisioned a universe infused with Parisian elegance, delicate yet radiant. Francoise is inspired by the carefree charms of the great Françoise of the sixties and seventies: Françoise Sagan, Françoise Hardy, Françoise Dorléac and my grand mother. Françoise will not only propose the iconic watches worn by these exceptional women, such as Hardy’s Cartier Tortue or Deneuve’s Cartier Baignoire, but also aim to recreate the spirit of Paris during that era.


Françoise wishes to advise women directly, to accompany them. We help you find the watch that will best suit you and that you will be proud to wear. We select the pieces that speak to us, through their style, their line or their history. Through Francoise, you will find emblematic watches: pleasures to admire, pleasant to wear every day and associate with elegant or casual outfits. Watches you'll love to wear on vacation, at work or for a night out. In short, a watch that suits you, that reflects your personality and that accompanies you harmoniously.


Before being offered for sale, the pieces that I select with our founding partners (2 renowned French collectors) have all undergone rigorous checks, both for authenticity and functionality, by our various Parisian watchmakers. After the sale, you will receive your watch in a leather pouch which, thanks to a removable compartment, will also allow you to carry your favorite jewelry.  If you change your mind, you can return the watch within 14 days of delivery and give us another chance to find the perfect watch for you.


Let Françoise guide you!

Montre Cartier Ceinture & Bague Boucheron Quatre Large

Jewelry and watchmaking have always merged around unique creations that push the limits of their art ever further, like the jewel-watches worn on the wrists of famous women around the world, or the jewelry concealing a watch imagined by famous Maisons to respect the society's rules of another era.

This is around this idea that Françoise and Constance met. Their shared love of beauty has brought them together to offer you the chance to combine marvellous pieces of jewelry with your watch talisman.
A passionate and expert member of the S.F.E.P., Constance selects modern and vintage jewelry pieces from around the world to enhance women's beauty. For more than ten years, she has been choosing singular jewels, as much for their history as for their craftsmanship.