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Boucheron Carrée White Gold

Boucheron Carrée White Gold

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Le Clou du spectacle 


Clous de Paris everywhere ! This dial is so much about Clous de Paris (the name of the jewellery technique that gives these little gold pyramids) that it doesn't even bear the name Boucheron on it ! You have to be very knowlegable to recognize this is a typical Boucheron Carré from the 60s, and that both the case and the dial are made of white gold. If you flip over the watch, you find good clues though... 

Although this watch does not bear the name Reflet, Boucheron's flagship line of watches, one might wonder why not, given the range of golden reflections offered by the dial and case on the wrist. The strap, which needs to be custom-fitted, is secured with a thin gold rod and completes the rare refinement of this small watch.

The original mouvement has been swapped for a quartz one, that we service. 

How to wear it?

The clasp on this watch requires a custom-made strap. This is a constraint that Françoise can help you overcome by creating a bracelet specifically tailored to you, adding the ultimate touch of refinement to this watch. What better way to make a watch truly yours than by adding a strap that is custom-made to to your wrist ?

Why did Françoise choose it?

Do Boucheron watches limit to Reflet? Françoise likes to look beyond the obvious, convinced that history unfairly forgets exceptional pieces overshadowed by icons. This watch is a perfect example!

Françoise believes there is no limit to French elegance and discretion. This watch could be a perfect exemple for it : unbranded dial, white gold, custom strap...

Some could regret the movement swap for a quartz. Françoise believes that the sole purpose of a watch is to be worn. Some people likes to wind their watches, some hates it. This particular watch is for the latter : enjoying the vintage design combined with the modern practicity of quartz mouvements. 


Boucheron is one of the brands that Françoise believes is unfairly forgotten. As the first jewelry house to establish itself on Place Vendôme, Boucheron was a pioneer in many horological and jewelry topics. Frédéric Boucheron, the founder of the brand, was one of the first to promote the wristwatch, as early as the mid-19th century.

Eclipsed by its big sister, the Reflet, the Carrée is not a watch to be forgotten! It adopts the custom-made attachment system that made the success of the Reflet and takes its freedom with the clous de Paris on the case and dial, as well as its perfectly square shape.


25 x 25mm
Wrist size : 17cm


Solid white gold and alligator leather

Usage instructions

Quartz (not original) watch serviced. Keep away from humidity and heat.


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Return and Refund Policy

Despite the photos and the description, which we hope are as accurate as possible, we know that the relationship to a jewel or a watch is above all physical. This is why we offer a possible return for 15 days, no question asked. The watch needs to be in the same mechanical and aesthetic condition it was sent in. Reimbursement within 5 days of receipt of the watch.

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