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Cartier Baignoire Mini - White Gold - Full set - 2006

Cartier Baignoire Mini - White Gold - Full set - 2006

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Our take

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Small watch, great legacy ! 


How can one evoke Cartier without thinking of the Baignoire ? With elegance, sensuality, and delicacy, the Baignoire embodies both womanhood and the Cartier identity. It also highlights the Maison's technical capabilities in creating a watch-mechanism that fits within an oval case. With this model, the oval case is smaller than the classic Baignoire, making the technical challenge even more astonishing! Another technical peculiarity is the absence of a crown, allowing for an uninterrupted oval shape, like a cloud on the wrist. The time is to be set on the caseback with a punch and a push-button. The white gold enhances the elegance of this smaller version of the Baignoire, transforming this watch into a precious and discreet jewel.

Cartier is reintroducing its famous Baignoire Mini in 2023. This perfect set (outer box, box, booklet, warranty...) is a true journey back to the future! 1960, 2006, 2023, where are we?

Comment la porter ?

This is truly a city watch: leather strap, white gold case, delicate design. Apart from being unsuitable for the beach or the pool, it can accompany you anywhere! The white gold, indistinguishable from steel to untrained eyes, will not attract malicious attention but will delight you with its warm tone.

Pourquoi Françoise l’a-t-elle choisie ?

The Baignoire is undoubtedly an iconic watch for La Maison. It has been worn by numerous women over the years: women with a bold style, women of character, women who are remembered. Françoise has worn (and made you wear!) classic-sized Baignoires a lot, but now she offers a mini size for the first time! What made Françoise fall for it is the epitome of elegance and discretion of this watch: white gold, no crown, small size, ardillon buckle. It's a jewelry watch that she loves to forget on her wrist!

And of course, even though Françoise always prioritizes the condition of the watches over the presence of papers and the original box, presenting you with such a flawless example with all the original accessories is indeed a true pleasure!


From Catherine Deneuve to Jeanne Moreau, and Romy Schneider in between, the Cartier Baignoire continues to charm.

Although Louis Cartier had already introduced a design for an elongated watch in the early 1900s, the iconic model we know today was born in 1958 in Cartier's Parisian workshops. It featured feminine and sensual lines, an innovative and creative style. A few years later, the elongated Baignoire made its appearance in London studios.

While the case with its ribbed gold design has maintained its rounded shape, it has undergone some variations over the years, as has the dial, sometimes adorned with Roman numerals, sometimes with Arabic numerals, and here in a different size. An inherently elegant watch that transcends the years without losing its aura.


Size: 18 x 24,5mm


Case and Cartier ardillon buckle in 18-carat white gold / Cartier strap

Usage instructions

Quartz movement serviced. To keep away from humidity and heat.


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