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Cartier Panthère Yellow Gold - Small Model

Cartier Panthère Yellow Gold - Small Model

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Our take

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The missing link between Madonna, Margaret Thatcher and Keith Richards


Cartier has always been a watchmaker of form and design. The daring (crazy?) challenge of linking a very square box with rounded edges and small elongated links could only be taken on by the House. The bet was a clear winner and was available in solid gold, gold and steel, steel, pavé, large size, small size...

This version is perhaps the most "pure" for a woman: solid gold and small size.

How to wear it?

Watches with metal bracelets are and will always remain sporty to the eye. However, when this metal is gold, and the bracelet is made of so many fine links, the jewel is not far away. Françoise wears it rather casually, like an everyday watch, and she will perhaps prefer more dressy watches, on a leather strap, for the evening. Though...

Why did Françoise choose it?

If Françoise chose it, she's not the only one! We have seen it (and we see it again) on the wrists of many actresses, musicians and politicians. If life needed a Cartier, Françoise would certainly turn to a Panther. The metal bracelet (whatever it is) offers an unrivaled guarantee of resistance and comfort.


The Panthère watch was launched in the festive spirit of the 1980s, when Michèle Kaouni was Creative Director at the Maison Cartier. It takes its name from the bracelet: both supple and refined, it evokes the way in which the feline moves, all in roundness, elegance and sensuality. At Cartier, the evocation of the panther through its coat is part of its identity. The spotted pattern first appeared on another ladies' wristwatch in 1914, in onyx and diamonds.

Upon its release, it was adopted by a large and eclectic crowd: Madonna, Keith Richards, Margaret Thatcher. Why not you?


Dimensions: 22 x 22 mm


18 carat yellow gold.

Usage instructions

Quartz watch whose battery is changed before sale. Keep away from humidity and heat. 1 year warranty.


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Return and Refund Policy

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