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Cartier Tank Louis Large Date

Cartier Tank Louis Large Date

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18k gold case, sharp brancards with rounded edges, railway minute scale, blue hands and a cabochon on the crown: all the codes of the Tank Louis Cartier are here. Immediately recognizable by its iconic design, this watch has lost none of its charm over the 100 years of its existence. It is elegant, practical and very comfortable, laying perfectly flat on the wrist.

The big difference here is the size : the classic Louis size has never change in 100 years : 23x29mm. For a very short time in the 70s, Cartier released a very rare "Jumbo" (meaning big) version of its Tank Louis. A few years later, in the early 2000s, jumbo size became the new standard for men. Slightly bigger (25x33mm), this Tank comes from that generation.

The date adds an nice an practical upside, and sets it apart from the classic Tanks (no date).

How to wear it

You'll never go wrong with a Cartier Tank Louis, regardless the size. This jumbo size will speak particularly to women who dig "big" watches and to men.

Why did Françoise choose it ?

In gold, in steel, size mini, medium, classic, jumbo, simple, with diamonds, whatever: Françoise will always recommend a Tank Louis. It is essential both from a historical and stylistic point of view. The Tank "was created brilliantly to remain eternally contemporary."

Françoise loves that this size can be considered totally unisex. Not too big and flaunty for a woman, it will also be perfect for a man. And obviously she noticed and loved the rarer date function of this Tank ! 


The Tank watch appeared in 1917 under the name "Normale" to honor the heroes of the First World War. The name is an obvious nod to the military vehicules that inspired the design. Five years later, the Tank Louis Cartier emerged. Quite similar to the first one, the Tank Louis has a more elongated case and thinner, rounded brancards (shafts). Several generations follow one another, retaining the same identity while adapting to new watchmaking technologies such as quartz. It may be the watch seen on the most celibrities' wrist throughout the years : Jackie Kennedy, Lady Diana, Alain Delon, Catherine Deneuve, Yves Saint-Laurent, Gary Cooper, Johnny Hallyday or Sophia Coppola... Are you next?






18K yellow gold / Cartier gold strap and buckle

Usage instructions

Quartz movement serviced. To keep away from humidity and heat.


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