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Rolex Date anthracite - ref. 6917 - 1973

Rolex Date anthracite - ref. 6917 - 1973

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Our take

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A small vintage watch that is also a great classic


OYSTER PERPETUAL: 2 of the oldest words in the Rolex universe, 2 words that we have seen so much that we no longer read them. 2 words that sum up the entire philosophy of Rolex: Oyster for the case as waterproof as an oyster, and Perpetual for the automatic winding. The dial indicates a third word that made Rolex’s reputation: “DATE”. If the Rolex is not the first (nor the only) to have offered this complication on their watch, the use of the magnifying cyclops is one of their signatures!

The anthracite dial, less common than the silver dial, is one of our favorites at Rolex. This sober dial changes colors with every lighting : from pitch black to a light grey in the sun.

Given its great age, you should no longer believe the Oyster inscription and take it swimming! We do not warranty its waterproofness.


Why did Françoise choose it ?

Françoise loves Rolex for its simplicity: nothing is too much, everything is simple but perfectly executed.

Most often, Françoise chooses her Rolex from the 90s, for its excellent resistance ratio (notably water resistance) / vintage look. But her love for true vintage is strong, and sometimes wins over. The warm feeling of a Plexiglas glass, the sobriety of the dial, the anthracite color which changes with the light have everything to make her fall in love. And that was the case!


The Oyster Perpetual is the starting point of the great Rolex saga. It is in fact the name of the first automatic and waterproof watch, released in 1931. This range will transform the name of Rolex, a young brand of the time, and establish it as the watchmaker of technical and sporting exploits. Since then, most Rolex watches bear the inscription Oyster Perpetual in addition to their “range” name (Submariner, Explorer, DateJust, etc.) to recall this original lineage.

The 3 o'clock date window appeared in 1945 and quickly became one of Rolex's signatures. Especially thanks to its magnifying cyclops which makes the date particularly easy to read.


26mm diameter



Usage instructions

Automatic movement (self-winding with the wrist movements or manual winding)
Waterproofness not guaranteed.


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