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Schlegel & Plana multi-gem pendant - c. 1970

Schlegel & Plana multi-gem pendant - c. 1970

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The art of movement at its peak


A pendant watch like you rarely see... In hammered gold, it is enhanced with numerous ornamental stones which make a rather exceptional piece, particularly in terms of its creation. Lapis lazuli dialogues with jasper, coral, onyx and white agate. Bold colors that match the original shape of this pendant.

A decidedly rare piece which establishes, by its nature, an almost sensual relationship with the person who will wear it, the neck and the material: “by touching the material, I trigger the impulse” (Plana). A pendant that will accompany the movements.

The case contains a mechanical movement.

Why did Françoise choose it?

How to miss it!? The creations of Schlegel & Plana achieve this union between jewelry and watchmaking through movement. On the one hand, that of a meticulous watchmaking arrangement of internal parts measuring time precisely; on the other, that of the form offered to the eyes by the no less meticulous work of materials. Both are ordered and guided by the same creative intention, according to a different rhythm, the first mechanical; the other, although fixed in matter, expresses dynamism.

The work of crafted gold and stone creates a play of contrasts between colors and materials. The creators then transform their works into unique pieces by breathing life into them: “Modern jewelry has three main characteristics: height, lightness and grace of movement. Literally and emotionally, a modern piece of jewelry is a moving work of art” (Marianne Ostier)


The designer Agustín Julia Plana, a former Spanish sportsman who had joined the Swiss watchmaker Schlegel in 1963 as a designer, joined forces with him in 1968 to form the company Schlegel & Plana. The company, which designed exclusive pieces, was able to bring together two worlds in one: jewelry and watchmaking. Its characteristic was originality, in the fit, the shape, the work of gold and stone. Original and unusual materials breaking with traditional codes: meteorites, tektites, wood, ivory, coral, oxidized iron, etc.


34 x 26mm


Hammered yellow gold, lapis lazuli, jasper, coral, onyx, white agate

Usage instructions

Mechanical watch with manual winding serviced before sale and guaranteed for 1 year.
Keep away from heat and humidity.


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